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    Électricité de Strasbourg

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    School and Observatory of Earth Sciences EOST

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    Acceptabilité, Méthodes potentielles, Productivité

EGS ALSACE is a R&D program funded by the French government for (support) the industrial projects in EGS (Enhanced Geothermal Systems) geothermal energy in Alsace, France.

This collaborative project brings together the ADEME, ÉS company and its subsidiary ÉS-Géothermie, and the University of Strasbourg via EOST. Several aspects of EGS technology are investigated such as geophysical data acquisition, logging, seismological monitoring, interferences, well testing, reservoir modelling, stimulation, acceptability…

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ÉS-Géothermie is responsible of the planning of exploration operations, new data acquisition and analysis of those data for R&D purposes.

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